LEWIS CARROL & THE ACADEMY (who might actually be Warm Thighs/Susan Balmar/0000-A70U-0075/SLF Tapes curator/_lip/Perry Trollope/etc.) has a new one called ECUMENOPOLIS, and it’s sooooo tasty. Things start off all pillow-over-the-face, with muted noises and suffocated beats, until around 3:35, when some crisp yet drunken percussion stumbles its way through the muck, bright-eyed samples slung over its shoulder. The rest of the two-(maybe three-?)track tape continues this battle over fidelity, with obfuscated beats fighting for clarity while a plethora of samples combine to make no sense whatsoever: illogical sound play, musical nonsense, The Hunting of the Snark. I LOVE IT.

ECUMENOPOLIS is out now digitally (name your price) and on cassette, the latter of which comes with unique hand-drawn j-cards by LC&TA himself. By the way, this is all live on an SP-404 sampler. Think what he could do with an SP-555!

• LEWIS CARROL & THE ACADEMY: http://susanbalmar.tumblr.com
• SLF Tapes: http://www.slftapes.com

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