♫♪  Lieven Martens - Coral Groups [Outtakes]

It’s so easy to get caught up in a moment. And all our moments are so dull: staring at the security camera, entering data on the =VLOOKUP(A7,Products!$A$2:$C$5,2,FALSE), enjoying the novelty of life, and in a way. So, incorporating music enhances this mundane to a level that’s equally controllable. But like a rainbow over the apocalypse, Edições CN drops a ton of wrenches into working cogs, and Lieven Martens infinities the meta-moment with a reel of Coral Groups. Now, dearest reader, you’re only a listener here of [Outtakes] <_<, but what’s a museum without the STUFF? STUFF IS STILL AVAILABLE! Including new nuggets and kingdoms by ya mans, Spencer Clark. Chow down:

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