♫♪  Lieven Martens - Four Acts

Bare with me when I say all this, but it’s for the geeks:

—James Ferraro is the lizard king because of Face/Off
—David Keenan is the dark prince because [paganism & lore]
—Matthew Mondanile is the rich kid because he’s a Tenenbaum
—Labanna Bly is the high priestess because Pre-Atlantean Ritual Artifacts
—Jan Anderzen is the jester because when Chris Angel
—Daniel Lopatin is the fraud because capitalism always wins
—Todd Ledford is the winner because King of the Iron Goons
—Laurel Halo is the true hero because Ultimate Warrior
—Spencer Clark is the count because Dracula
Lieven Martens is the magician because forever soundvisions

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