♫♪  Lifafa - “Ek Nagma एक नगमा”

“Nagma” is one of those inventive linguistic artifacts where two meanings steer dangerously close to one another; in this case, it’s “snake deity” and just “song.” Indeed, Lifafa’s serpentine stylings have chosen a fitting title in this first solo offering in four years; most of the time, Suryakant Sawhney is the towering lead singer behind New Delhi-based psych-jazz quintet Peter Cat Recording Co. Here, his instantly identifiable cabaret baritone navigates a lush waterfall of synth arpeggios and snappy house drums. As the smokey instrumental swells and decays, Sawhney takes us on a righteously psychedelic ride, unconcerned with a final destination. Guaranteed to charm all the snakes in your neighborhood.

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