♫♪  Light Bending In - Long Exposure

I guess it’s not hard to see where the passive tendency to depict city nights as quiet or even slow comes from. No one is a stranger to the obvious vignette of a scattered traffic and infrequent strangers meandering under unleaded yellow light. Personally, I can’t say I see it otherwise but when confronted with a refreshingly reframed vista, how can I say no? The night of Light Bending In’s Long Exposure is not quite the quiet, still midnight; that unhealthy yellow glow of the streetlight is shimmering in its own right. The coolness is still there, but blanketing some fuzzy, throbbing beat. There’s no absence of the elements here, they’re just taking to the new environment and navigating some new harmony. Quite the dreamy harmony Light Bending In has synthesized.

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