♫♪  Lil Durk - “Hated On Me (feat. Future)”

At this point, the now infamous siren made popular by 808 mafia/affiliates is basically warm honey dripping into my ear. When I first listened to “Hated On Me,” the high squeal forced my ears into “oh fuuuuck here we goooo” mode, my aural canals ignorant of its meaning and why its high vibrato feels so good, yet absolutely certain of its power to make any track a tour de force.

In any case, “Hated On Me” is doubly exciting, as it’s a reminder that Lil Durk’s musical reach now extends far beyond the confines of his native Chicago (in this case, all the way to ATL — with a Future cosign, at that [Fewtch’s magnum opus just enjoyed its one year anniversary, btw!]). Durk’s recruited an impressive list of artists/producers for his new album Lil Durk 2X (“Lil Durk Two Times”), which is great, because there’s really nothing I love more than sifting through a healthy variety of signature watermarks and guest verses riddled with ad-libs. Listen to the Southside-produced, Future-featuring track (and that inherently wonderful siren) below.

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