♫♪  Lil Kim - “I Am Kimmy Blanco”

Meet Kimmy Blanco, the new alter-ego of legendary lady MC Lil Kim. To be completely honest, Kimmy isn’t all that different from Kim: she’s got a lot of money (so much that the bills pay themselves!), a lot of honey (enough to kill bees!), and she’s so hot, she makes hell seem like tepid bathwater. Ostensibly, Kimmy will feature pretty heavily into the rapper’s anticipated — and oft-delayed — Hardcore 2k13 mixtape (guess they’ll have to bump it up to Hardcore 2k14); the haters might say that tacking on another intimidating persona to the already intimidating Kim is redundant, but really, you can never be too fierce. Backed by an ominous trap beat, the Brooklyn native calmly lays down the law, armed with little more than her cocky deadpan. No need for auto-tune or saccharine singsongs here (*cough*Nicki Minaj*cough*): just a tenured femme fatale doing what she does best. There’s already talk of a Miley Cyrus collaboration on the new tape, but my fingers are crossed for a team-up with Mykki: a battle of the Blancos, if you will. Now that would be dope.

• Lil Kim: http://lilkim.com

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