Lil Silva
“Gobble That”

Amid the commercial dubstep craze that’s sweeping the nation right now, it’s easy to forget to pay respect to the genre’s founders across the pond. Before there was Skrillex, after all, there had to be Burial and Benga. And while some UK artists have adapted grime and UK garage to reflect a broader four-on-the-floor appeal, there remain plenty of stalwarts determined to stay true to the sounds of the London underground. Case in point: Lil Silva.

“Gobble That” is an abrasive, mechanical piece of EDM, with enough sexually-charged sound effects to attest to its suggestive namesake. The hydraulic, hissing beats mesh perfectly with the whirling bass, with some nice dancehall-inflected samples thrown in the mix — call it one of the sexiest tracks in the Funky scene right now.

• Lil Silva:

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