Eyes sunk in like a skull has none. Cold like the meat locker in a Francis Bacon painting. Wings stretched to tare. Feather-by-feather plucked nudity. Hair: no hair. Always on the defense like Dennis Rodman is your arch-angel goddess. Pretending like none of this matters, forever. A hand-draw picture of your workplace, hung at your place-of-work desk, and you not working but just staring at it for hours. For a full-time job. The whole day, even. “What’s wrong with Cameron? I like him a lot!”

“A lot of things are wrong with Cameron,” your coworker says into their phone as LILLITH双生’s (SEASON_2) LIMB seers your ears and fire from the sky consumes all thoughts. But no fire in the sky. It’s just a gracious follow up. It’s all digital:

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