♫♪  Lipglo$$ - WHIPPED!

Edm, electronic hip-hop, acid beats, cloud, cloud rap, downtempo, dubstep, experimental, house, sad techno, tropical, hell.

It’s hard to believe that WHIPPED! is LIPGLO$$’ 21 album.

He’s been on this wonky ishh forever, but no specific amount of time. No one remembers when it started.

Experimental, house, sad techno, tropical, hell.

WHIPPED! floats in the same space as every other LIPGLO$$ album. Some sort of sad techno, tropical hell. The acid clouds are in a cycle of nearly solidifying and then reverting to their original states before the transformation can totally happen. Sounds bake in the heat. They’re roasting and brutally compressed.

Walk five feet forward and the sulfur smell is slightly stronger. Take a step back and the smokey scent covers it up. There’s no use trying to get ahold of where you are or how you’ve got there. Maybe we can use the word “uncomfortable,” but that feels like cheating. I get too close to a trance to use that word. Ugghh. Why do I like it here?

Stream WHIPPED! in full here:

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