♫♪  Lipgloss Twins - “Doodle”

“We’re back.”
– Lipgloss Twins

Lipgloss Twins return! PC Music’s once-scariest duo — who we’re guessing is A. G. Cook + Felicita — has now become one of its cutest. They scared the fuck out of everyone two years ago with “Wannabe,” but now they’re back with twisty rainbows, purple mountains, and glittery clouds on the bouncy, harmonically demented “Doodle.” As usual, the track comes with a really awesome web destination too, this one created by Lil Data. Play around with the images and get some free PNGs! OOOH YEAH, LIPGLOSS TWINS!

Although PC Music has been regularly dropping mixes, “official” singles, and other releases lately, “Doodle” is the label’s first “free” single in 10 months, following Dux Content’s “Snow Globe.”

Alright, that’s it for now. Talk to you later! <3

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