♫♪  Lisa Mezzacappa - “Ghosts (Black and White, Then Blue)”

Talk about appropriation? No, come inside instead. Hang coats by the homemade Voodoo staff from last year’s Halloween costume. The Baron Semedi hat’s farther down the hall atop a book shelf, but not the one housing tomes on Judaism and witchcraft. On the right, past the entrance, Buddha holds car keys, facing a wall decorated with three masks; one each native to America, Africa and Asia. Vishnu’s in the kitchen, Arabic statuettes oversee the sleeping, and every night all the icons’ Ghosts decry their surroundings, like a UN committee of the inanimate.

“Ghosts (Black and White, Then Blue)” is the second to last track on avantNOIR, the latest album from bassist and composer Lisa Mezzacappa, who’s joined here by Aaron Bennett on tenor, John Finkbeiner on electric guitar, William Winant on percussion, Tim Perkis on electronics and Jordan Glenn on drums.

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