♫♪  Lithics - Wendy Kraemer EP

Those PDX no-wave weirdos Lithics dropped a tour tape a couple of years ago called Wendy Kraemer EP that promptly sold out its run of 100, ensuring that only the most savvy collectors of junk-smeared demos, outtakes, and other “audio ephemera” would get their hands on it. Plus, you had to have a working tape player, which… who has one of those anymore right?

Tapes. You can’t make this stuff up.1

Welp… see you later!

Are they gone? The tape collectors?

Good. Now we can get down to business. Independent Arizona label Moone Records got their hands on the vinyl rights to this thing, and you gotta hear it to believe it. Remastered so that it doesn’t sound like SHIT ON TAPE, Wendy Kraemer warmly emanates from your speakers in the only way it can: in jagged, squawking blurts of ravenous weirdness. The best way to get inside the head of any band is to sift through the scraps of their process, and Lithics thankfully allow us to peek inside theirs. So what if it’s dirty and messy and smells like a farty tour van? That’s the CHARM of it. And vinyl is just the best.

Gotta wait till February 7 before you can get it. That’s too damn long! Pre-order away, though, and stream the tape audio below while you peer through the blinds at your mailbox.

1. I’m just kidding. I’ve got my nose all up in the “underground tape scene.”

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