♫♪  Live For The Funk - “LFTF Mix 23 (Astronautica Mix)”

The number 23 has had a varied, often remarkable career. In addition to providing the numeral for a thoroughly dubious Jim Carey thriller, gracing the jersey of the greatest baller to ever play the game, quantifying Winston Churchill’s well-manicured V for victory (two fingers up, three fingers down), and enumerating how many years Ian Curtis had traumatically accrued before he tragically had no more, the number 23 is (drum roll please) now affixed to a Live For the Funk mixtape. Such is the glorious fate of any list so bold as to step beyond its 22nd item!

But, in truth, listen up, because if LFTF’s type of music is of your taste, then you’ll likely find this particular mix superlative. Specifically, it includes a pair of prizes from L.A.’s beat scene: two tracks from Astronautica, a.k.a. Edrina Martinez, who fully deserves whatever privilege of attention she’s recently enjoyed. See also the mix’s lead off with Shigeto’s sample of Astrud Gilberto, her languid, Portuguese bossa-nova, of songbird clarity and incandescent open vowels; then, later, a head-bob inducing remix of one-hit wonder Amerie; and a whole mix-worth of seamless track-to-track transitions.

• Astronautica: http://astronauticamusic.tumblr.com
• Live For The Funk: http://www.liveforthefunk.com

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