♫♪  LLLL - “Oddness”

This is a confession. I went to a local Björk dance tribute show put on by Chicago choreographer Kasey Foster yesterday with zero expectations. Two things: I’ve lived twenty-four years and am afraid of everything because anxiety is weird [Editor’s Note: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]. But this crowded dance tribute show was different: it was religious. Absolutely, I was shivering with fear, but that doesn’t matter since the show was in honor of Icelandic royalty Björk, who — until I sat down and watched the Spike Jones-directed “Triumph of a Heart” last month — I simply knew her as a pop enigma and not as the only modern wonder of the world. It’s was like searching for the answer when it was being suggested by everyone you know and influenced by; everything coming out of your half-working car stereo. I can’t ask forgiveness, but, Björk, if you’re hearing this over whatever MC Ride is yelling to you about, I am offering LLLL as penance.

They’re this heavy, driving j-gaze meets j-pop crew based in Tokyo who put an apt-titled stream of Paradice up on emerging internet-via-California label Zoom Lens. If you’re feeling it, Björk, you can preorder the debut full-length here. Please, you are a queen.

ILY Björk.

• LLLL: https://soundcloud.com/lllltokyo
• Zoom Lens: http://zoom-lens.org

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