♫♪  Lockbox - “01Nickleback”

Been a while since we put Denver’s foremost beat brewer Lockbox on blast here at the Tiny Mix Tapes’ Chocolate Grinding Plant™, but happy to do so again for his recent jam, listed as “01Nickleback.”

First things first: yes, it does sample a Nickelback song. Not a cheesy Nickelback sample, no ironic detachment, just a well-warped take on the sexy/tortured voice of Chad Kroeger (wtf I knew the Nickelback guy’s name without even having to look it up??). Believe it — the guy from Nickelback’s voice sounds really, genuinely cool. And why wouldn’t it be a cool voice? It’s produced into oblivion to make it a cool voice before it ever hits the airwaves, and it sounds cooler than ever chopped up under Lockbox’s capable scalpel.

Trying to pin down this beat would prove to be a formidable task. Lockbox puts to work a wide array of percussive sounds clinging and clanging, splishing and splashing, boozing and cruising across the track’s brief minute and a half. “This is How You Remind Me” how a track should be made!

Putting the top down on the 101. Down-low experimentation in the frat house. Everyone laughing and drinking orange juice the morning after the slumber party. This winter too cold for you? This’ll thaw yr shit out! Stream this, and hella other fire trax at:

• Lockbox: https://soundcloud.com/monstre

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