♫♪  LOFT - Turbulent Dynamics

Every artistic form reflects the dynamism that is constantly building up the life of feeling. It is the same dynamism that records itself in organic forms; growth is its most characteristic process, and is the source of almost all familiar living shape.
– Susanne Langer

If art is a model of life, then LOFT’s Turbulent Dynamics is a model of the dancefloor. It’s music that tiptoes around club music, bends its form, observes the dancefloor as an event, a space to explored, experimented with. I’ve been drawn to this sort of stuff recently. Which isn’t to say I’ve abandoned dance music proper; rather, the more I consume more conservative dance tracks, the more I want to observe them from afar, to find out what happens when a four-on-the-floor kick is violently morphed into something unrecognizable, when toms and snares flail over a reverberating landscape. This EP gives me that opportunity — it holds a broken mirror up to dance music and refracts its most rudimentary elements into something wholly beautiful.

Stream Turbulent Dynamics below.

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