♫♪  Lord Narf & Slug Christ - “Ah Ah”

Two of the brightest from the Awful crew have joined together for a new track called “Ah Ah.” Produced by Slug Christ, the track features Lord Narf spitting all vicious like, with Slugger himself taking the second half of the hook before dropping some NASTY all over the damn thing. It’s a perfect combo, made especially exciting since Slug is a fucking wizard on production.

Lord Narf and Slug Christ aren’t strangers — they collaborated on their respective releases from last year, most notably on Narf’s Sick and Slugger’s The Crucifixion — and it looks as though we’ll be seeing more from the two soon, as “Ah Ah” comes fresh off an upcoming Narf/Christ joint EP called AUTOYURNT.

Listen to “Ah Ah” here:

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