♫♪  LORD SMS - “16stoned”

Living hard is a life-style choice. Chances are if you live in New York, you have to choose to follow this life-style or get cut off. And there are LAYERS to how hard you can get here too, but a distinguishable separation between those who back down or just go for it. The people going for it are the ones who come out on top; whether win or lose. Lord SMS rolls them dice. Lingering the crosswalk on a green light. Touching paintings in MoMA PS1. Pasting up fliers for TONIGHT’S SWIM TEAM EVENT while Triple Barrel and Old Feelings Nowww flexin’ on police in the background. Muscling Spring bombers. Hard.

CUT TO: “16stoned” cut-up into oblivion. Strip the track down to its droll title, ESL spastic twitch sampling, matched with Lord SMS’ flare for ribald humor, add a few popping bubbles, and xylophone chrome beat: you’ve the city’s best high. But turn up the bass, sushi a bit of snare, throw in pitched-out machine-gun gut punches, and you’re rolling the hardest straight-faced, “Fuck on me” attitude. Or, if you choose to dance to “16stoned,” head on over to 55-50 Myrtle Avenue in Ridgewood tonight, and say “Hey!” I’ll be the fellah in the white hat. BE THERE:

• Lord SMS: https://soundcloud.com/lordsms
• Swim Team: http://www.swimteam69.net

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