♫♪  LORETTA ABERDEEN - Hell Hath No Molly

From an expuisitely titled pun, Hell Hath No Molly, to the debut Pepe’s City Planners LLC release, LORETTA ABERDEEN (a.k.a. LAMPGOD, IRL Bryant Canelo) pumps no breaks for speed bumps. You too could have a good relationship with LORETTA ABERDEEN’s music. Personally I feel an interesting reflection and combination of artists Gobby and Lolina. The spastic and real. Overwhelming storytelling without the overzealous. Right. Just right.

Last time me an LORETTA ABERDEEN chilled was at Feel Things Radio’s Episode #61 of #Friday Night Main Event (hosted by Rick Rab & R. Mexico). It was a hell of a time because we could interact on a legitimate “professional” level of enjoying art. Then he performed. Lyrics: “Performing jazz on a yoga mat” and I’m in tears, right? Tryna hold back laughter, even if I’m on video; Bryant is one of the funniest people I cool with IRL. And he laughs during his set, so I gotta look the other way.

Anyway, I’m stoked on what’s next for the LORETTA ABERDEEN dynasty. This is now:

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