♫♪  loscil - “ahull”

First track “ahull” off loscil’s newest kranky records’ (last 2014) album sea island (available November 17) will peacefully glitch your mind out of existence and then drown your wading brain in serenity. So what if Felicia is shaking because her music is too loud, and sitting in back of her looks like she’s going to explode from her vibrating head. Who else will walk around a 95% female office without underwear and fly unzipped than this guy? How red can my face get while wearing a sweater of the same color? She’s the post-opp daughter of Adolphus Recson, so she can shit in any toilet the building contains. But no matter your office woes, loscil is here to save your sorry worker-bee ass with “ahull.”

Pulsating ending notes. Star-struck xylophone ditties. Reverberating sirens on half-mute. Flutes cut to collages pieces. Escapism here is merely the sounds of “ahull” trying to reach reality as loscil gasps the tangible, flips it audibly, and creates a Frankenstein of life striving for air. Your air! And it’s kranky records’ intent on make loscil’s musical God-complex YOURS in full-length (again) mid-November on LP beholding the title, sea island. Feel out “ahull” for yourself below, and bring loscil’s creation to life:

• loscil: http://loscil.bandcamp.com
• kranky records: http://www.kranky.net

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