♫♪  Lost Trail - How An Absence Creates A Presence

As maximalists, musicians, visualists, writers, recorders, samplers, photographers, filmers, etc., Denny Wilkerson Corsa and Zachary Corsa comprise the dynasty that is Lost Trail, but leave the mystery solely in their music. Gripping on an endless stream of drone-/noise-collage releases, they have now (potentially[, right?]) “found” themselves in Europe on Capri Records. In edition of 35 smokey-grey cassettes, set against handmade j-cards from 1960s postcards, How An Absence Creates A Presence brings another chapter of Lost Trail’s desire for meaning in the unknown. Where will YOU end up within their newest release? Scope their companion poem in the block-quote for a minimal sense of direction or intentional bewilderment, and listen to Lost Trail’s newest tape How An Absence Creates A Presence below it.

“Out here the gathered filaments of streets
are spider-webbed with asphalt patches,
where the slow fade of those fleeting ghost-years
and the raging of gray seasons’ precipitation
have thrown up the rolled stones from their base,
allowing the silvery weeds’ skyward ascent.

“This city is like a place where people go missing,
fiendishly whispered about at corner lunch-stands
and in the dust-washed waiting rooms of
the collapsing local offices,
where occasionally, at mid-day,
these sallow streets open up to
swallow somebody whole,
a life pulled down into depthless dark
and sealed within
as if they never walked in the sunlight.”

How An Absence Creates A Presence by Lost Trail is out NOW on Capri Records, so grip the reel!

• Lost Trail: http://www.losttraildrone.com
• Carpi Records: http://carpi-records.bandcamp.com

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