♫♪  Loto Retina / L’eoscombu Couti - Split Tape

A tiddy release of charming gurgles and pastel dappled electronics, this Loto Retina and L’eoscombu Couti (AKA brrd) split is the audio equivalent of being a kid and walking home after school, slowing making your way as dead leaves crunch under your feet and the sun stoops lower and lower in the horizon. The wonder and promise of youth are represented in these tracks. They have that familiar quality to them. And I don’t mean this in a “I’ve heard this before” sense; more so in a “I’ve lived this before” kind of way. Neat!

Pick up one of the last copies of the cassette from Carpi Records, and listen to the entirety of the split below as you try and NOT remember that one time you walked home from school and got the shit kicked out of you.

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