♫♪  Lotus Plaza - “Come Back”

You remember Lockett from Deerhunter, right? He has a solo project called Lotus Plaza, and “Come Back” is a nine-minute dream pop song off his new collab/split 10-inch with Nice Weekend (his fiancé), set for release on Valentine’s Day via Audraglint Recordings. This glistening track has all the depth of a solo home-studio recording, layer upon layer of reverberating instruments — hours of overdubs — but without the isolation of a lonely musician up all night recording. This feels like a more euphoric exercise. Discs come in old-school tip-on record sleeves. Should serve as a primer for a new Lotus Plaza full-length on Kranky due later this year.

• Lotus Plaza: http://www.last.fm/music/Lotus+Plaza
• Audraglint: http://www.audraglint.com

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