♫♪  Low-Key - Soft

Can’t live without a steady rhythm? Always in need of some syncopated solace? Want a whole bunch of real gnarly-charlie grooves to help cure them beatless blues? Do doves cry? And if so, do they make a noise? And if so, is this what it sounds like? How many fingers am I holding up? Who drank the last of the milk? Is gold really malleable? Need anything else?

Enough questions! Low-Key is here to shut my inquisitive trap, letting Soft speak for itself… uh, softly… well, loudly too. Whatever. Doesn’t matter. What does matter is that these beatstrumentals ride. Background hi-hats intermingle with the rest of the up-in-the-mix kit, while horns, keys, and strings take their turns looping infinitely and getting murked by filter and vinyl sim. Nothing ultra-modern or hyper or overly-fractured; just some good-ass, laid-back jams, all seeped and steeped in deep crates. Recently released on Rotifer’s new offshoot Snow Broth, the hard copies are only one-hundred deep, and at least half are already gone, so grab one up while you can.

In other Low-Key news (that would be SUCH a good news show!), he just released a split with Eighty9s on his label Humble Weight, and it’s in the same league as Soft: mellow, limited, and going quick. Dude just can’t stop.

• Low-Key: http://low-key.bandcamp.com
• Snow Broth: http://www.snow-broth.com

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