♫♪  lowranger - VIBEROOM.AUDIO MIX

The Greeks and Romans will have their gods and goddesses, and I will have my SoundCloud mixes. I’m at work peeling my 1000th apple, listening to my stream, and this mix, by lowranger, catches my fancy. Lo-fi shit, perhaps from a turntable, perhaps from a DAW, demarcating that special border of beats/vapor that makes me feel more alive, because, more than anything, it mimics what it means to live, work, and walk in NYC or in any big city, honestly. Little two minutes of this, a breakneck minute of that, then onto the next thing, fast, at the speed of rounding corners and scanning the street for signs of distress. Soul, voices coming up, echo, farinaceous vinyl crackle. Bass, mid, tremble, visually scanned, a finger on all the knobs, nodding my head in musical recognition, this thing called making a mix; maybe someday it’ll be an ancient art like cooking flamingo brains or using a sheep’s bladder as a condom. Or not. Shoutout to that Eastern European dude trying to act hard af in his attempt to rap in English with that thick accent of his. It happens at the end of this mix, dude. Listen below:

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