♫♪  Loyalty XIX - Catrialis

"Bruh, where'd u cop that jacket?"

Among the lists and feeds and streams and conversations and articles and texts and DMs and suggestions sits Loyalty XIX, coated up and cinched out. Never heard of the boy, but the boy’s latest EP, Catrialis, popped up on my feed, so I fed it some time. Good choice.

Imagine blinding strobe lights and air so humid you can spit it out. Faces barely noticeable. Gut-shots of rhythm imbued with foreign squawks and chirps leap off edges to fall into syncopation. God’s steps appear as .wav files. Repetition and pace. Then, it all calms down with mournful synths and, finally, a child’s “YAY!”


Catrialis was recently released on angoisse. Peep that shit.

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