♫♪  Luar Domatrix - Pheww

Luar Domatrix, formerly(?) of Yong Yong, surely has nowhere in particular in mind with Pheww. And that’s alright.

Coming out of Violet’s freshly-minted naivety, an outpost of the consistently excellent Naive label, the six cuts collated here push and pull their own separate ways, each one a self-contained whole unto themselves, all unvarnished and laid to bear.

From the plaintive rumination that is “Una Lira,” to the more pointedly busy “None of the Above” and “Lance,” Luar Domatrix wreaks a quiet havoc to insularity and conservativism. It begets a well-worn familiarity without atavism, a knowing step down from generic convention, and even the club itself, without ever losing sight of dance music’s form and function. Moreover, in spite of a variance of styles and approaches, there’s a resonant directness and sincerity at play here.

Pheww burns bright, an illumination that heals the collective disconnect at both a synaptic and physical level, landing at something like a happy medium (it also ought to be mentioned that 25% of the proceeds from paid downloads will be donated to the Lisbon-based Moinhos da Juventude, a community project for a largely forgotten-about area in Portugal’s capital).

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