♫♪  Lucaufer - EP1

Lucaufer’s debut titled EP1 feels like a bright dream. The release begins with twinkling and tender ambient music in the form of “Pupa”, featuring guest vocalist Yma. It’s an intriguing opener which quickly transforms into the slightly more rhythmical and dissonant “White Spirit”, the EP’s musical centrepiece. Its slowly developing textures and ever-present prodding beat make the experience of listening slightly hypnotic. My thoughts are below:

It’s not a loop… But it is a loop. Wait, it’s definitely not a loop… Hmmm, it is a loop after all. But it can’t be. It’s not a loop. But then again, it could be a loop. But that’s highly unlikely: it’s not a loop. Could it be a loop? I honestly don’t think I think so.

So yeah, just to be clear, I have no idea.

The closing track is titled “Ciel”, or “sky” in French. Its appropriately airy drones ebb and flow gently, like a cool breeze on a warm summer day: while refreshing when it’s there, you’re left wishing for more once it’s gone. And unfortunately for you, “Ciel” is gone before you know it, as is the whole EP. Hopefully Lucaufer will bless us with some more of her music soon enough though.

Anyways, let’s live in the present: The beautiful EP1 is out now on London-based label Tobago Tracks. Listen to it, buy it, and share it with all your friends.

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