♫♪  Lucky Dragons - Existers [album stream]

Do you remember elementary school music class? I was taught melody, timing, and harmonies by doing exercises like splitting the class into three sections to sing “Row, row, row your boat” all starting at different times, or having different parts of the room make rain noises by stomping their feet or rubbing their hands together. The music teacher signaled the start and end of each part, and it all kind of degenerated into noise in the middle, only to have it kind of come together at the end. What is the adult version of that? A bunch of people sitting around in a circle, pressing play at designated times on their laptops or smartphones? It would be like a “Kumbaya” for the digital era. Why would I clap my hands together when I can press a button that makes the noise for me?

Never forget Existers. And you won’t, because Lucky Dragons are timeless. The album’s title track is a singalong campfire song, except the campfire is one of those electric fireplaces and everyone is wearing neon colors and sitting “Indian-style.” How did those uncoordinated kids turn into this? From drowning in pixels.

• Lucky Dragons: http://luckydragons.org

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