♫♪  Lydia Loveless - “Boy Crazy”

As a kid in the 80s, my favorite Baby-sitters Club book was natch “Boy-Crazy Stacey – it was very! “Boy Crazy” Lydia on the other hand, echoes the likes of Deetz and Lunch, and fronts less of a Valley girl and more of an alley girl ring in this little Loveless ditty. Specifically, a dark alley behind some bar during the early hours. Which is appropriate for Loveless’ sex-positive, romance-negative, and take-no-prisoners country punk lyrics: “I wish I was his wife/ Not really, though.” AND her eponymous EP Boy Crazy also features a song about Jeffrey Dahmer called “Lover’s Spat.” Fuck me gently with a chainsaw!

• Lydia Loveless: http://lydialoveless.com
• Bloodshot Records: https://www.bloodshotrecords.com

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