♫♪  M. Akers - “Tough To Kill”

Mmmmmm. M. Aker’s new Tough to Kill LP on Retrograde Tapes… shit, is some soaring stuff, shit. After 10 minutes, I realized I was listening to the same song (and title track) “Tough To Kill,” descending level upon level of imagination. For me, it’s actually hard to decide what scenario to choose:

- Being raised from the ding dungeon marsh that has imprisoned my existence the last 500 years. Absorbing materials around myself, I become golem to the one who de-Earthed me. Smashing through the swamp, I head toward forest cities and mountaintop villages to pummel life and consume their being into mine, providing my body strength and vitality.

- It’s 1930s Japan and I’m a geisha traveling to Nansei-shotō for a week of entertainment and needs. Fireworks fling into the air, followed by streams of smoke draping over my eyes and face, as the boat arrives at the bay. Cheering ensues as I step off the boat, and flashes accentuate the pockmarks, wrinkles, and blemishes on the faces before me.

- I’m sucking in the slowest dragged cigarette at 4:37 AM on a Wednesday and watching the sun rise along the January horizon. Everything is frozen, and the smoke appears thicker with my cold breath. The fields and fields; barks of trees bare everywhere, and jagged lines fill in their shape. Vacancy freezes your body and void becomes one while exiting.

M. Aker’s Tough to Kill is Retrograde’s first LP release. First 50 copies come with a Deleted Scenes C50 tape too. Imagination is endless.

• M. Akers: http://futurebarbarian.blogspot.com
• Retrograde Tapes: http://retrogradetapes.blogspot.com

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