♫♪  Mabson Enterprises - The Official Donald Trump Jam

The odds that the children who sang the Donald song (a.k.a. USA Freedom Kids) at that Iowa rally get a major record deal: (+200)

The odds that I go to a mall hat store and ask to get “Make America Great Again” embroidered on a hat before June: (-550)

The odds America socially profits off 2016: (N/A)

The O/U of Donald Super Bowl commercials: (1.5)

The O/U of Anti-Donald Super Bowl commercials: (2.5)

The O/U of how many producers are mad they didn’t snatch up all available USA Freedom Kids URLs: (42)

The odds on whether Izzy of USA Freedom Kids gets signed to Brainfeeder: (+350)

The odds that James Murphy mentions Donald and/or the state of American Politics half-ironically during LCD Soundsystem’s first five shows: (-130)

The actual odds for Donald to win the Republican Nominee as of January 25th: (-200)

The actual odds for Donald to win the big race: (+200)

Good Luck!

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