♫♪  Macie Stewart & Lia Kohl - Pocket Full of Bees

Listen up, you dead-eyed chuds! What happens when you just have to fire off a new experimental missive into the world, but you either run out of physical media or just can’t handle the intense pressure that producing physical media engenders? You launch a new digital-only imprint, that’s what! And that’s exactly what our friends at Astral Spirits did, with the brand-new Astral Editions offshoot.

“What’s the effing point?” you blather into your lunchsack full of bologna and Lay’s, which you quickly scarf down before going back to work. C’mon now, you big baby, where are the carrots, the apples? You need some healthy choices among your diet. Astral Editions is the musical version of the light option, where you’re not weighed down by the carby waste of tape, the sugary globs of vinyl, or the downright carcinogenic attributes of compact discs. Instead, it’s music on the go, which you can access right from your phone. THAT’S the effing point, chudface!

Macie Stewart and Lia Kohl kick things off with Pocket Full of Bees, hopefully not a literal condition, because could you imagine? You’d have an assful of barbed stingers, which would hurt like crazy to begin with, but would be waaaay worse if you’re allergic. No, thank god, it’s not literal, but “Big Space Little Nothing” kicks off with cello and violin swarming around each other, mixing with the buzz and hum of the human voice that sounds more like the buzz and hum of a bee’s wings. Even when the release smooths out, like it does on the sweet “Honey Not Sweet” (wait a minute…), there’s a sense that something’s going to dart around your head at any moment.

So let’s see if this Astral Editions thing catches on, eh? We may be treated to actual physical releases by its artists in the future anyway. Even though those releases will go STRAIGHT TO MY THIGHS.

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