♫♪  Madlib - “The Mad March”

For one night only, on June 7 in San Francisco, Madlib will be performing a DJ set comprised solely of 70s rock music from Zambia, which arose from the flames of late-60s psychedelics and the arrival of soul in 70s American R&B. If that doesn’t already sound incredible enough, Madlib will be flying in Zamrock star (and last remaining member of Zambia band, WITCH), Emmanuel “Jagari” Chanda to perform for the first time in front of any audience ever in North America. IN ADDITION, Madlib’s Lootpack-era collaborator, Egon, will be playing some tunes that night as well, riding the recent release of a collection of Zamrock reissued earlier this year on Now-Again Records. And lastly, this song “The Mad March” will be released as a limited-to-300 edition 7-inch to be released (and likely sold out) at that very show. So, if you live in San Francisco and you miss this show

• Madlib: http://twitter.com/madlib
• Stones Throw: http://www.stonesthrow.com
• Now-Again Records: http://www.nowagainrecords.com

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