♫♪  Magic Eye / Torn Hawk - “Bollywood” / “Blindsided”

Nah, this ain’t for a split. It’s a duel post. FUCK ON ME, yo. Hi!

To start, Magic Eye’s Babylon tape was supposed to be released Tuesday, and it’s Thursday, so just keep on waiting. Also, FUCK OFF the Not Not Fun team. Heard they moving locales and need a minute. Just chill and lax out HARD via Magic Eye’s single “Bollywood.” And what really helps center your imagination around this track is the SoundCloud tag Naked Haze. This track “Bollywood” is all that and more: standing at the peak, towering sunset/-rise, time hangs low and looms, dust everywhere, the blur of heat along the horizon, and just the most perfect breeze. Grip Magic Eye’s newest tape Babylon any day now on Not Not Fun, and feel the gravity of “Bollywood” streaming below:

As I said, yo: this a TWO-TIME post. [Writer’s note: never LITERALLY “said” that, no.] The front cover of Torn Hawk’s Through Force Of Will j-card shows the broken image of John Bender poppin’ off the rebel fist. I took that as directions for listening, and like a devoted fan of this track “Blindsided,” I’m sitting here at my desk, not working, typing this post with one hand, and clenching the other about two feet above me. So, this bit of the post is taking for ever. But (again), as the SoundCloud tag suggests, True Faith in Torn Hawk is entirely expressed in the freeing nature of his sounds. Also, so I don’t fester this post with back-story, scope out his amazing 2013 and side projects here while listening to the sounds of “Blindsided” below:

• Magic Eye: http://magiceyemusic.com
• Torn Hawk: http://lukewyatt.net

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