♫♪  Majeure - “Physis”

Although our supreme chocolate grinder overlord C Monster made you wise to this Majeure tape earlier in November, I’m bookending the month with another Majeure post, because why not?!? Released as part of Constellation Tatsu’s Fall Batch, Majeure’s Union of Worlds is not dissimilar to the synth-heavy stylings of Zombi, and there’s good reason because Majeure is Zombi drummer A.E. Pattera’s solo project. “Physis,” on display below, is a hard charging burner that’s making me think of some non-existent sci-fi flick where Ryan Gosling has to recover a crystal orb from Gary Oldman’s villain, or something. I guess I’m rehashing the plot to The Fifth Element as I listen to this, but replacing Bruce Willis with Gosling, which is definitely an upgrade, am I right? But enough of my yakking, Union of Worlds is available now via CTatsu.

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