♫♪  The Makers - “Don’t Challenge Me”

I guess the whole point of electric soul is to combine “Smooth and Sexy” with robot twangs. Which The Makers do well. Don’t be put off by the first couple bars, which kinda sound like a precocious kid (or Frank Zappa) jamming on a Casio toy; once the pretty lady starts to growl, the whole thing gels and you’ll be smitten. What’s more to say? If you like soul — which you absolutely should, you heathen — this is solid stuff. Along with selections from other groovy music-makers, “Don’t Challenge Me” will be available in April on the compilation PERSONAL SPACE Electric Soul (1974-84) from Chocolate Industries. The CD even comes with a book of aerial photography by NASA astronaut Donald Pettit, which fits with the whole digital, galactic, heavenly, getting high vibe, which seems pretty intrinsic to the electric soul genre. Bow bow bow, bow-wow.

• Chocolate Industries: http://www.chocolateindustries.com

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