♫♪  Malik Abdul-Rahmaan & Chris Hound - Ethiopian Melodies

When Malik Abdul-Rahmaan dropped Field Research Malaysia, I was enthralled as much as I was questionable of the cultural re-appropriation. Then I considered Chris Hound’s Rare Latin and African Grooves, which literally seems like a risky mash-up, but legit sounds a well-tuned pairing of melodies. Further more, when Mogillah dropped In Livin’ Color, my conception of world music and beat tape obliterated all thought. Gradually, these releases dawned a sense of appropriate usage. An honorable usage. Just as any other usage. But researched. And magnificently orchestrated. And most importantly: daring.

Paxico Records continues it’s inevitable journey into the knowingly unknown in Ethiopian Melodies. With knight statuses, Malik Abdul-Rahmaan & Chris Hound find a level of deity where-in-which sound becomes the swerve. Where pre-recorded understanding remains unabolished.

“One of Ethiopia’s greatest innovations, Ethiopian Jazz, termed “Ethio-jazz,” is a unique fusion of traditional Ethiopian music with jazz, Afro-funk, soul, and Latin rhythms. Marked by eerie and ancient-sounding tones, typical of traditional Ethiopian music, Ethio-jazz also displays the sensual undertones of soulful jazz.” - Lilian Diarra

A sensational collection of gems bless this 65 minute cassette. Malik Abdul Rahmaan and Paxico Records head Chris Hound’s offering is a glimpse at one Ethiopian Restaurant in New York they had eaten many a meal. The cassette was given to the duo by the owner.

The cassette flows with seamless dusty transitions and features an unprecedented amount of pleasant vibes within. From the jump this cassette delivers.

Profits from this album are donated to jazzfoundation.org

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