♫♪  MANAS - “On a whithered branch A crow is sitting This autumn evening”

on a withered branch
a crow has settled
autumn evening
from The Selected Poems of Matsuo Bashō, trans. David Landis Barnhill

A solitary
crow on a bare branch—
autumn evening
from The Sound of Water, trans. Sam Hamill

On dead branches
crows remain
perched at autumn’s end
from The Classic Tradition of Haiku, trans. Hiroaki Sato

on a barren branch
a raven had perched —-
autumn dusk
from The Classic Tradition of Haiku, trans. William J. Higginson

On a leafless bough
A crow is sitting: — autumn,
Darkening now —
from The Classic Tradition of Haiku, trans. Harold Gould Henderson

on a bare branch
a crow settled down
autumn evening
from Basho: The Complete Haiku, trans. Jane Reichhold

A black crow
Has settled himself
On a leafless tree,
Fall of an autumn day.
from Matsuo Bashō: The Narrow Road to the Deep North, trans. Nobuyuki Yuasa

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