♫♪  Maral - Mahur Club

“In some situations, however, distortion may be desirable.” What kind tho, Wikipedia, what kind? Why not both tho? Microsonic and macrosonic. And emotional, let’s get outside the dyad.

And so dubwise techniques and Farsi-cally looping vocal melodies give the melancholy empathy of the spectral, but a brutally fuzzed-out industrial dembow reminds us of the messy fleshy singly inhabited body, which is the precondition for the ghost.

Then too like the disappeared subaltern speaking back to Muslimgauze with a megaphone deteriorating sonic bits like sand and FUCKING YELLING HIM DOWN. Turning him inside out so we can all see the contents he’d consumed.

Very visceral, this, the x-ray and its source together, very material. And, as such, best consumed through cheap headphones for an ironically maximum fidelity.

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