♫♪  Mark Templeton - Jealous Heart

In an interview with Calgary newspaper FFWD back in 2010, Mark Templeton’s music was described as “ambient music for people with short attention spans.” Although his newest release, Jealous Heart, is much too complex and rhythmic to be a proper ambient album, this description still fits. Most of the tracks on Jealous Heart are three or four minutes (the longest just breaking seven), but seem to escape any sort of time restraint or spatial limit. From Terminator-esque mech pulses, to acoustic guitar ramblings, to looping muffled horn melodies, Templeton sews together new motifs and sampled phrases so seamlessly that it feels as natural and organic as a Fahey raga.

Jealous Heart will be released in March by Under The Spire Recordings, but you can pre-order the LP from their site right now. Streaming below is an album teaser, featuring three stellar tracks from the record: “Buffalo Coulee,” “Sinking Heart,” and “Flat3.”

• Mark Templeton: http://www.fieldsawake.com
• Under The Spire: http://www.underthespire.co.uk/releases-buy/mark-templeton-jealous-heart

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