“Aetheric Vehicle (Soft Pink Truth Remix)”

You shouldn’t need telling: Matmos are back. But guess what? SO IS SOFT PINK TRUTH. Last seen wrestling with his Soft Pink Tube, the Drew Daniel solo project has reemerged on Thrill Jockey’s SoundCloud page, giving “Aetheric Vehicle,” one of the finest moments of The Marriage of True Minds, the once-over. The SPT rub fractures the whorls ‘n’ motorik of the original, bristling with fidgety, bit-crunched breaks, a polyrhythmic fizz still seeping from the scars of exposure to 2-step heat. Imagine the last Emeralds’ album getting the remix treatment from the Brainfeeder camp. Then listen to the remix. See? Nothing lazy about that comparison whatsoever. NOTHING.

The remix is also available on iTunes.

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