♫♪  Matthew + Bod - Matthew + Bod: An Unfettered Habit

Brought to us by Sex Magazine, this mix by Matthew + Bod makes me teary and jerky before returning to the Titanic’s boiler room, where I narrowly escape the closing of the doors to arrive in Los Angeles, alive on a desert stretch with my hiking boots on, into the marrow, into a maze of blood cells, a plant, a light.

Sirens, tense piano, ambient pads that blink like fireflies, marimbas, dense gunshots of sound, bells, flutes, zithers. All of that blends within an unlimited semiosis, giving towards simplicity when things start to complicate, and vice versa. It’s background music to an RPG video game or Magic: The Gathering battle—or even better, to life in NYC. Vocals sound up front and filmic speaking up close in the darkness, heavy. A climax only ends up tossed in the gutter, on an uneven come-down, finishing unexpectedly like a sunshower: glowing, foreboding, and effulgent.

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