♫♪  Matthew De Gennaro - “The Plumb Line / Bells for Mompou”

Fiddle Predicates: moans out, lulls, floats through swathes of itself, keens as if in the throes of some memorial ritual, sings, speaks, above all yearns, lifts into realms undiscovered, sparks.

Organ Predicates: meets the body, drifts behind motion, lays it on, underscores, girds, imperceptibly burgeons, deserves no small love for holding it down so deeply, persists.

Inevitable Adjectives: rural, earthy, carnatic, hypnotic, simple, eternal.

Key Overarching Verbiage: drones, breathes.

Multi-instrumentalist/composer Matthew De Gennaro has built a sweet catalog of electro-acoustic solo works over the last decade[-plus], and collaborated with Dunedin champion Alastair Galbraith in a number of projects involving very long wires. His next solo LP Chuang Tzu Motherfucker contains “The Plumb Line / Bells for Mompou” and seven other sessions possessed of equal or similar austerities. Some feature De Gennaro’s acoustic guitar work. One features fellow omni-droner Scott Tuma. All are worth sitting on the edge of, leaning over, and falling into. If allowed, this music can persist past its literal duration and take up indefinite residence in a side chamber of your mind.

Release Date Intel: SoundCloud says August; Discogs says September 17; the Soft Abuse site reports an October pre-order (all of these are almost, like, now [or then]). I’m trusting in the pre-order date from the label itself and making arrangements to cop this appropriately autumn object and to begin purveying the zones it offers by way of turntable.

• Matthew De Gennaro: http://softabuse.com/artists.php?a=Matthew%20De%20Gennaro
• Soft Abuse: http://www.softabuse.com/home.html

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