♫♪  Matthewdavid - “Even The Sun Goes Down” [OUTKAST MIX]

So WHAT if MD been busy as fuck, feedin’ his family, comin’ down off his summer slammer In My World, and CEOin’ ALL dem tapes you bought last year on Leaving Records… don’t mean he can’t set aside time for a lil [OUTKAST MIX] entitled, “Even The Sun Goes Down.” Ironically titled, the fellah been running raw in the red for so long, I’m not sure if he even sleeps these days. Scratch that, he makes Outkast mixes in his sleep. Scratch it harder, and you got a remix. But this is beyond a simple “I like this track” mix, as MD gets into the grooves of old school Outkast tracks, taking them to where the ATLiens have always existed: in a plane only few of us can achieve.

Below, Matthewdavid tries to take you to Outkast’s plane of existence and beyond via “Even The Sun Goes Down.” If you make it back, slip TMT a line, we’d like to know the secrets:

• Matthewdavid: https://soundcloud.com/matthewdavid
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com

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