♫♪  Matthewdavid - “Reunited”

Matthewdavid sets a good example for electronic artists by distributing his music without aggression. This year, Brainfeeder dropped Outmind on LP/CD and the digital Internatinal EP, and the track you’re listening to now is off his recent Sweedish Fish CS42 split with Odd Nosdam, released on Leaving Records (Matthewdavid’s label). You may have hit up last winter’s banger Livephreaxxx!!!! when he remixed Sun Araw live at Sun Ark studios. I thought them bumps broke my cassette player; proof: Matthewdavid can absorb Cameron Stallones. Well, “Reunited” is much easier listening, showing off his professional dub-synth collage workout while utilizing his beat and texture production styles. These sounds are nothing to furrow your unibrow at when viewing Leaving Records’ line-up: dak, Ras G, and split-mate Odd Nosdam. Though you can’t find the Sweedish Fish CS42 on Discogs (yet) or the Leaving Records homepage, keep on the distro-lookout for it. It’s always nice hearing a few more digital-drips from Matthewdavid. I also guarantee this will pump up the volume for Odd Nosdam in modern cassette culture. Can I guarantee that?

• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com
• Matthewdavid: http://dublab.com/learn/labrats/matthewdavid

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