♫♪  Matthewdavid - “Track #4” [feat. Run DMT]

CD-R sales are more kitsch now than they have ever been. Hy’mean, not to say they don’t sell, but there’s gotta be something more in the sale. Right-right… Matty’D, you got Run DMT on the track, but what else you got on this DISK Collection Vol.2? Because, here: I personally made you a CD-R with your and Mike Collins’ last two releases on it totally for free off my computer. Oh, but no, I ain’t got a young floppy disc oil/paint hand-art CD-R slip cover to put it in like you. But, you think that floppy case and paint art is the sale? Well, buying this product and keeping it is collecting, so okay, I feel like I’m buying art worthwhile here. Worthwhile in both show and tell. And, yeah. Matthewdavid has prior experience in this form of physical art. So, I suppose the secret is to make CD-Rs artful or a part of a series. Or unless you underwent a big name change, then people’ll mass purchase ya CD-R. Let’s just hope Leaving is on board for a new LIVEPHREAXXX!!!! or even an El-Aylien Part 2. #promising. #promise? #hi!

• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com

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