♫♪  Max ThaDemon - “Double Backin”

Max ThaDemon is “double backin” in his new single, which dropped one day before Pop Smoke’s “Meet the Woo” video — two drill rappers (both slept on) who understand how to create artificial scarcity — putting out few tracks but with a lot of bang in each. Of course, every one talks about whether Max is “real” or not — that’s his whole aura. But the word is out, and he is. That voice can’t be faked. And now, after coming out with collabo tracks like “911,” “Poled Up,” and “World War III,” he’s dropping his own stuff. Known as the “first white drill rapper in Brooklyn,” Max is usually on singles with Ciggy Black and Kev Hundo, rapping in cellars about body bags and toe tags, filling a Brooklyn drill void left by you know who. But “Double Backin” is his first solo track (video dir. A1Vision). Max’s lyrics are typical of drill, but he adds an extra grime that any white boy in the crew is compelled to. And he’s emphatic about that “World War III,” now over at 1.4 mill views: “Me and black all black on the late night/ They gon’ know who did it when the face white.”

Like Dave Chappelle said, you don’t want to know what the white boy had to do to get into that crew. It’s only morbid with Max, and that’s why the fans love him — he doesn’t rap about the females and only rarely about drugs. Double backing is only for making sure the job is done, double tapping. And then it’s like nothing happened.

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