♫♪  Max Tundra - With Love to Mummy

Max Tundra,

It’s been too long! I’ve been getting quite nostalgic about the summer of 2010 when I discovered your music for the first time and forced Mastered By Guy At The Exchange on every person that rode in my car. “It’s too weird and glitchy,” some of my friends would say, but that’s why I love you, Mr. Tundra. Your music manages to satisfy my love for noisy electronics, shifting song structures, beatzzz, and interesting harmony all in one unidentifiable genre! However, despite your unbelievable awesomeness at wielding disparate elements into a singular style, your discography is just too small, and while I of course appreciate the emphasis on quality over quantity, there’s just nothing that satisfies my desire for fucked-up electronic pop quite like your work.

This is exactly why I was stoked to see you released a full-length album’s worth of unreleased material on your Bandcamp last week! These late-90s recordings don’t have the “weird chords or time signatures” that are some of my favorite features of your later work, but all these tunes are pretty rad nonetheless. It’s really interesting how these works developed into your later style, and some of these tracks (particularly “Stringscape”) sound a lot like the work that like-minded dudes like Caribou have been doing in the past few years, illustrating that your music’s always been a bit ahead of its time. Even though, With Love to Mummy isn’t quite as distinctive as your later albums, there are many moments that are pretty undeniably Tundra, like the syncopated breakdown on “Bracken Beach” for example, so this ought to be enough to tide me over until a new album of your glitched-out pop bliss arrives.

– m rubz

Listen to the With Love to Mummy stream in its entirety via Bandcamp below:

• Max Tundra: http://www.maxtundra.com

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